Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Beautiful St. Lucia!!!

Hi beautiful people! Amongst the "worries" of applying for jobs here and there, I had the opportunity to visit the beach twice so far (although it SHOULD be more). The first time I went, it was with my cousin from Trinidad who came to visit for about a week and the second was this past Sunday, with another cousin to celebrate his 22nd birthday! Both occasions were to the Pigeon Island National Park in St. Lucia.

Sister and I (with the fro's). Cousin in striped bikini

I think it's official that the beach is one of my favorite places on earth. Need to travel more to find more! :D

Birthday boy!

Look's like a postcard right?

After an awesome lunch, we climbed the fort. You can read about some of it's history here.

Looking through the fort's windows

Hope this inspires you to discover your own island, country, city, or whatever it may be! And also, maybe visit St. Lucia while you're at it hehehe ;)

Have an awesome day/week/month, etc!

Monday, 2 February 2015

Completing University?!?

Why hello there beautiful person!

You may (or may not) have realized that I've been MIA for a minute. Well I can safely blame it on school, as I had tests and exams to study for, and independent papers to write. However, all of this was completed mid- December, so after that, I really have no excuse :\

In other, HAPPIER news, I've completed Uni!!!!!!!!!! I don't really want to gloat just yet, as I still have 2 outstanding grades.... so let's just whisper shall we? *yaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy*

That being said, I am now officially unemployed.. so yeah, there's that. I've been applying to places here and there, and gonna apply to a lab at a hospital (I majored in Biology) so hopefully that turns out well? Pray for me folks.

Another update: I've bleached the ends of my hair! I've been talking about it for months, and finally did it! Along with my sister who did highlights in hers. The color isn't really that visible on camera though...

Oh and I turned 22 on Jan 15th!!!!!!!! *Insert Taylor Swift song here*

To make up for my lack of posts, here are a few photos I've taken recently (excuse the non HD quality):

Peep the sea in the background though! At my aunt's place

Sisters!!!!!!!!!! ♥

My love :) baby cousin

At home hair bleaching - baking soda and hydrogen peroxide lol

The results! Not too bleached

Twistout - peep the bleached color

Sister's highlighted hair!

Red velvet cake for my 22nd! Also a surprise b-day party!

Anywho I'm just playing catch - up for now, so until next post! Kisses!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Be Proud of Others

HHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII peeps! I have awoken from the rock I was sleeping under lol!

How is everyone doing? I think I've been pretty o.k of lates: I'm in good health, my family and friends are fine, my relationship is good, and school well, remains school :/

I've been thinking for the past few days, how seldom we express how proud we are of the people we know, and are so easy to overlook their accomplishments, no matter how small. Sometimes, all someone needs to get them through a day, is some encouragement and recognition to boost them up!

I'm saying this because throughout my life I have gotten constant reassurance from my parents, aunts,  uncles, and other family members and friends of how proud they are of me, and my efforts (mainly school related), and I know that without the positive surroundings that I was raised in, that I wouldn't have been working as hard as I do right now. Even with living a more active lifestyle, I'm encouraged and inspired by my boyfriend, who leads by example, following his fitness goals.

Because I know how this (positivity) has impacted my life, I've begun to adopt that role, to remember to tell those I love, that I'm proud of them, even in the smallest of efforts and accomplishments, because who knows, you might be just the thing that keeps them going!

An encouraging word is a gift that keeps on giving. So, after you've read this post, think of at least one person you know that you think needs a push in the right direction, or just a nudge to keep going on, go tell them how proud you are of them, and they they're doing a fantastic job!

See ya next post ☺ ♥

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Updates and Randoms!!

Hey everyone! I've been meaning to update for weeks now, but every time I'd think about typing something that doesn't result in a grade, some bonus marks, or some some sort of benefit to my GPA, I've simply just said a mental "nah" to (lol).

So on to mini updates: I'm still following the training program on bodybuilding.com !! I'm actually sticking to it guys! This week began week 4!! I've missed a couple of days training, but I did't let that discourage me from just picking up right where I left off. Some of my recent improvements have been:

• Leg pressing three 45lb plates a side
• Deadlifting 35 lbs a side
• Shoulder pressing 10 lb dumbbells
• Spinning comfortably at level 6 on the spin bike (I think the highest level is 12)

There are others but that's just to mention a few! Oh and I try to eat clean, too!

After a gym session!!

Hair Updates

I think I can say that my hair has reached Mid Back Length (MBL for those who know the natural hair lingo)! I haven't been treating my hair the best these past couple of weeks, as a bun has been my staple hairstyle, and I've run out of eco styler gel :'( now I'm just strugglin' man!! I'm currently in need of a wash and I AM SIMPLY TOO LAZY FOR THAT RIGHT NOW. Don't judge me, you know how it is sometimes :/

Mid Back Length YO!

School and Work Updates

School has been, well, school. What's there really to say? LOL. Nothing really exciting in that department, to be honest. Oh, BIOCHEMISTRY is partly from the devil I believe. It's not a horrible subject but it's not a good one either, ya feel me? Maybe my fellow non - mathematicians will get this (sigh).
Working on one of my research papers at around 4 a.m! 

As for work, it's been pretty normal and routine. Sitting behind a counter selling stuff to people can get like that lol. A few days ago I was so bored and for that one day I had put on some light makeup, so I took what seemed like 40 - 50 selfies (no shame), but everyone knows 90% of selfies don't make the cut ;') bahahaha!!

That's it, for now I guess! I hope you enjoyed my attempt at another update and cramming stuff into one post to make up for lack of posts!! Enjoy the rest of your week everyone! Stay happy and healthy ♥☺

Oh, if any of you would like to follow me on Instagram, my username is @islandqueen_758

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I Work Out!

Hey hey hey! Hows everyone doing? I'm alright, thank you very much :)

So, school has resumed for me, my final semester of Undergrad! My course load isn't so ridiculous this semester, so I've taken up a part time job on campus as a lab assistant, and still working my summer job 3x a week! For this I am grateful.

In other, and more exciting news, I've resumed exercising at my school's gym as of last week Monday (Sept 8th)!! I thought it would have been more difficult to get the motivation to get up and go, but so far I haven't missed a day! It also helps that I have my bf as a trainer ^_^.

The program we're following is a 12 week program from Beachbody.com and I'm on day 6 today. Let me tell you something, I was sore as a MOFO from Tuesday to Thursday, not fun.

ANYWHO I've done squats using the barbell! (pictured below) I've always wanted to do that and look like a badass lol. One thing I wish I had, though, was a blender or nutribullet! I hate eating veggies sometimes, so it would help A LOT if i got one of those. Howeverrrr I still am a college student, so this is just a little out of my reach at the moment.

Not me in this photo. Credit from Bodybuilding.com
For those reading who need a little motivation, here it is! Go get fit and kick some ass, you won't regret it.

Until next post lovely people :D ♥♥

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


You guys, I'm updating from my NEW LAPTOP!

I was surprised with it today.. and I was speechless.

I don't know about specs and all that, but it's a Dell, its sleek and i love it already.

Super greatful for the loving people who provided it.

Hopefully this means more updates.. (?)... School's going to start soon, so we'll see.


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sometimes bad things happen to good people

So I've been m.I.a for a minute and it's because I've been through a slightly traumatizing event.

Basically I got robbed on a car/taxi/cab (as some may say) and the guy got away with my laptop (that my dad just got me in December) and phone. I'm currently writing this post on a tablet that my boyfriend has so generously, and without a second thought, allowed me to use as long as I need to.

Because typing the whole story would be really annoying on this tablet (nexus 7) I'm just going to point out the basics of what happened. If there are any major type o's then please forgive me.
This is just some answers to questions I think that you (the reader) would have..

* I was sitting in the front seat of the car and the guy was seated behind me

* he had what appeared top be a gun in his hand wrapped up in a black bandana and was making gun threats

*there was another lady in the car who put up what seemed like a fight. She was quickly let off the car but I didn't wanna act rash and potentially get shot

* he seemed desperate and inexperienced

* in addition to the laptop and blackberry, he took $20 that I had on me

* I was calm the whole time and asked for my memory card from my phone and bus fare ($5) since he said he'd have the driver drop me off at a  bus stop/bus route

* I did go to the police station and made a report, so did the lady. I'm not expecting anything to come out of it though

This happened mid day on July 25th 2014. I have thought about that incident everyday since, in every way possible on what I could have done differently. Things like:

- why didn't I quickly get off the car when the lady was let off?
- I should have begged for my laptop, say that I have all my school info on there. Maybe he would have given it back to me
-I should have had pepper spray or somethingsomething

Then some days I just feel angry, because that mofo didn't know how much my father had to struggle to get me that new laptop! He's the only working parent, so I know how much he had to sacrifice for my sake, and then some ignorant, lazy fool, in this country of opportunities, just gets it for free.

But then I always come to my senses and thank God that I'm alive and well. The guy could have been a maniac and have the driver take me to some random place and have his way with me. God will have the last say in this thoughh. I thank God everyday I enter any sort of public transportation and arrive to my destination in one piece. It might not sound so horrific to some, but this took away some of my sense of security and trust in people/strangers/ taxi drivers, especially men.

 If I had the money I would find some self defense classes and do that, bit I'm still a struggling college student trying to survive in a country that is not my home.

I might be getting a new laptop soon though, through the generosity of people who love me. Thank you to them.

If any of you reading this knows my mom please don't tell her about this, I don't think she could handle this bit of stress at the moment. I did tell my dad and some cousins and older sister though.

Oh and I stopped exercising because I've lost some motivation since this thing happened. I'll get back to it though.

So, to those who have already started school, gods speed to you! Really hoping this semester is my last in this school.

Anyways, stay safe and be thankful for the little things. Until next post.