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White Coat Ceremony!! (Plus First 2 weeks of Clerkship)

Heeey reader, how's it going?

This post is probably 2 or 3 weeks overdue, but who are we kidding, I'm always late on posting LOL.

So July 18th has come and gone, and with it, new and exciting experiences. One of which would be our white coat ceremony (as you can tell by the title). This was a day I was actually looking forward too since I began medical school, and I'm glad I was in a good mind space to experience it.

What, exactly is the white coat ceremony you may ask? (you're probably not asking but hey)

 "The ceremony signifies the beginning of students’ journeys to achieve the long white coat, when they are physicians. It also symbolizes professionalism, caring and trust, which they must earn from patients... The ceremony “welcomes those embarking on their medical careers to the community of physicians by giving them this powerful symbol of compassion and honor.. It also gives them a standard against which they must measure their every act of care to the patie…

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