Tuesday, 27 May 2014

TAKE A HIKE! (No, literally)

This summer I promised myself that I would do more things that I usually wouldn't, because, frankly I can be such a couch potato, and a home-body that it's depressing (not literally but you get what I mean). So, on Sunday (May 25th) I went on a hike! This fit in well with my goal to become more active and fit, so it was really a no brainer to decide to go. The hike was hosted by a fitness group called Uberfit in Trinidad.

Here's the Flyer for the hike:

And the stuff I brought to eat:

Gatorade, Water, Granola, Bananas

When we arrived at the area where the hike began, it was rainy! What a great way to start a hike! It turned out alright, to be honest, because i would have prefered hiking in the rain than in blazing sun anyway. The first 10 minutes into hiking, I felt so unfit, because I was already panting and slowing down! But thank goodness my boyfriend was there by my side the WHOLE hike and held my hand whenever I felt like stopping or giving up! (*Big silly grin for supporting man hehehehhee)

The first half of the hike ended at the Paragon beach, which was beautiful! It was such a relief to take of my wet and muddy shoes and my sweaty tee shirt! My initial plan was to bathe in the sea, but I decided not to because it had already rained and I was all cold and just wanted to be dry. Instead, hubby and I just took a walk on the sand, and played around, being all couple-ish. It was great ^_^

Me at the beach! With my trusty stick that hubby got to help me through the muddy down-hill trail

After about 30 minutes, it was time to go finish the hike. The whole way back was literally uphill, with one or two flat areas. I did not time the journey uphill but it seemed like it took about an hour or so. Again, hubby was encouraging the whole way so that motivated me to push even harder. 

Headed uphill to finish the hike... Check out my cool Uberfit shirt!

Overall, it was not a horrifying hike as I imagined lol. I was so proud of myself when we finally finished! It was nice to be away from technology for a while and just enjoy the good ole outdoors. (I was sore the day after though!)

I suggest that the next time you hear of a hike, beach day, pool day, road trip, or whatever, GO FOR IT! The down time feels amazing and you'll definitely be happy that you left the house for a change.

Stay happy and healthy folks! ♥ S.H

P.S The two pics of me hiking are credit from Kevin Sammy Photography. If you want, friend him on facebook to check out some of his photos!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Fitness Blog? Nahhh

Re-starting a healthy lifestyle always (and I do mean ALWAYS) goes completely different than I want. What I mean by that is that as SOON as I make the decision to become dedicated, and serious about this whole lifestyle change, then I get in a situation where I eat the exact thing I set in my mind not to.

Ok, so let me explain myself. At the beginning of last week, I vowed to myself to stay away from cheese and dairy because they both make me feel bloated. It so happens that I got company over for an evening and they brought pizza, fries, and fried chicken.n Out of that I had three small slices of pizza (which i do not feel guilty for), a few fries and one chicken drumstick. I'm not beating myself up for those because I had eaten properly that day.

Lastnight, I went to the mall and got a smoothie with milk, which I didn't want to get, but that was all the place had that was "healthy". 

Overall, I'm not saying that it's the end of the world when I eat pizza, or drink milk, but I would have liked to start at least the first week without them, you know? And, yes, I know I didn't HAVE to have either of them but these things happen. As much as possible I will try to stay away from them, and increase my fruit and veggie intake.

Oh, and I got a job too! It's at a gym, selling (mostly) protein and other gym-ish stuff lol. So far I like it, and my boss, she's cool! (plus seeing people working out all day gives me motivation so that's a plus).

I can truly say that I am making some mental progress, as to what I eat, drinking more water, and exercising regularly. I worked out 4 times last week, starting with 2 days of "T25", and the other 2 being "P90X 3" (Both being by the company Beachbody). From now on i'll only be doing P90x 3 because I think it's more challenging than T25, and it's only 30 minutes per workout (T25 is 25 minutes).

As for weighing, i'm not really into getting on the scale and all that jazzbecause i'm just focusing on how I feel, not how much I weigh. However, for blog purposes I will state my stats:

Height: 5ft 6"
Weight: 125 lbs (thats what the scale said so yeah)

This is begining to feel like a fitness blog! LOL but I will have different content here and there. I just wanted to update, and show that I haven't neglected my blog ☺.

Until next post, be motivated, and stay healthy!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Doing This Fitness Thing!

So I actually started working out today! I do have to mention though, I had 2 slices of pizza for breakfast!  :O Yes, I know, don't judge me. That wont be happening again any time soon lol. I won't be doing daily posts, but I was so excited about starting over, so here goes my diet today:

2 slices of chicken pizza (yes, yes i know, stop looking at me like that)

2 big spoonfuls of rice with chicken and lentils

4 cookies
Handful of peanuts


Before dinner, I did the Shaun T "T-25" workout "Alpha total body circuit", and I must say, than I am indeed unfit. But I'm gonna change that! I felt awesome after working out though!

"Sweat is your FAT crying"

Hope this motivates at least one person. If it does, then keep going, we can do it!! ♥

Friday, 9 May 2014

Finals are OVER & I Want to be FIT!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS LORD the semester is over!!!! Sorry for all the ratchetness but I think many of you feel the same way, about this time of year! Omg, this was the longest semester of LIFE! But I can now focus on myself, and getting my body back in order!

For some odd reason, when it comes to my fitness, and healthy lifestyle in general, it has always been a yoyo effect. One week i'm all healthy, hot and sweating while working out, and then next thing i know, I slowly reduce working out from 4 days, to 3, 2, then just quit altogether.

The thing is, I do NOT have a legit excuse as to why I do this to myself. I could easily work out instead of watching that youtube video (or 10, don't judge me), or that movie, but I don't. I could even make a schedule for peets sake. WHY DO I DO THIS?? 

I have never been obese, or overweight. When I was (God, i'm using past tense already) a teenager in high school, I was always skinny, until I started puberty, which was when "dem curves" came into light, but I was still at a good weight (for me). After graduating high school in 2009, I took a gap year before starting Uni. That year I took of, I gained about 5 - 7 pounds, I'm not sure how much exactly. 

Now, this may not sound like a lot of weight to put on, but for me, I can tell (and it shows too) when I've put on even as little as 3 pounds. So, going into Uni I was about 130 lbs and I was not comfortable at that weight. Why? Because I don't gain weight in a "flattering" way. It goes to my stomach, thighs, and my face, making it look round and puffy. And, to top it off, I felt like i had to "suck in" my stomach constantly, and nobody loves doing that! 

So, I took action, and lost 4 pounds by going to the gym regularly, and eating smaller portion sizes, while eating a little more fruit and veggies, and drinking ALOT of water. This change was the best I've ever felt (physically) in a long time! I was no longer sucking in my stomach (yes, even with a 4 lb difference), and i was feeling more energized and lighter!! This lasted for one semester, yall. ONE bloody semester. And that was 2 years ago (damn, time really flies).

Saying all of this, I want to get back to this state of mind and habit of being healthy and FIT. I keep starting and stipping, and I do not know why. You know what? I want firm thighs, firmer bootay (yes, hunty), tight stomach, toned arms, and I just want to look my best!
This summer I will be challenging myself to be more disciplined, and to go after what I want, NO EXCUSES. Writing this blog will hopefully keep me accountable for my actions. I will be posting progress pics, hopefully the camera quality doesn't suck balls (excuse my french). Oh and I have a friend who's also making healthy changes, so that will also motivate me! Yay for fitness!!!! 

Back in October 2011, obviously I failed to suck in my tummy! (I'm in blue btw if u didn't notice). (And my lovely LOVELY friend, who's also on a healthy change)

At a pageant in May 2012 - The semester where I was dedicated to fitness (see a flatter tummy?)

One of those yoyo days, where I was working out again -- this was in 2013.

So, here goes nothing! Pray for me guys, that i stick to this and not overthink it or get in my own way. I believe I can, so I WILL!! I am making this a lifetime thing, and not a summer thing! Be motivated, and love life. Until the next post :) ♥