Fitness Blog? Nahhh

Re-starting a healthy lifestyle always (and I do mean ALWAYS) goes completely different than I want. What I mean by that is that as SOON as I make the decision to become dedicated, and serious about this whole lifestyle change, then I get in a situation where I eat the exact thing I set in my mind not to.

Ok, so let me explain myself. At the beginning of last week, I vowed to myself to stay away from cheese and dairy because they both make me feel bloated. It so happens that I got company over for an evening and they brought pizza, fries, and fried chicken.n Out of that I had three small slices of pizza (which i do not feel guilty for), a few fries and one chicken drumstick. I'm not beating myself up for those because I had eaten properly that day.

Lastnight, I went to the mall and got a smoothie with milk, which I didn't want to get, but that was all the place had that was "healthy". 

Overall, I'm not saying that it's the end of the world when I eat pizza, or drink milk, but I would have liked to start at least the first week without them, you know? And, yes, I know I didn't HAVE to have either of them but these things happen. As much as possible I will try to stay away from them, and increase my fruit and veggie intake.

Oh, and I got a job too! It's at a gym, selling (mostly) protein and other gym-ish stuff lol. So far I like it, and my boss, she's cool! (plus seeing people working out all day gives me motivation so that's a plus).

I can truly say that I am making some mental progress, as to what I eat, drinking more water, and exercising regularly. I worked out 4 times last week, starting with 2 days of "T25", and the other 2 being "P90X 3" (Both being by the company Beachbody). From now on i'll only be doing P90x 3 because I think it's more challenging than T25, and it's only 30 minutes per workout (T25 is 25 minutes).

As for weighing, i'm not really into getting on the scale and all that jazzbecause i'm just focusing on how I feel, not how much I weigh. However, for blog purposes I will state my stats:

Height: 5ft 6"
Weight: 125 lbs (thats what the scale said so yeah)

This is begining to feel like a fitness blog! LOL but I will have different content here and there. I just wanted to update, and show that I haven't neglected my blog ☺.

Until next post, be motivated, and stay healthy!

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