TAKE A HIKE! (No, literally)

This summer I promised myself that I would do more things that I usually wouldn't, because, frankly I can be such a couch potato, and a home-body that it's depressing (not literally but you get what I mean). So, on Sunday (May 25th) I went on a hike! This fit in well with my goal to become more active and fit, so it was really a no brainer to decide to go. The hike was hosted by a fitness group called Uberfit in Trinidad.

Here's the Flyer for the hike:

And the stuff I brought to eat:

Gatorade, Water, Granola, Bananas

When we arrived at the area where the hike began, it was rainy! What a great way to start a hike! It turned out alright, to be honest, because i would have prefered hiking in the rain than in blazing sun anyway. The first 10 minutes into hiking, I felt so unfit, because I was already panting and slowing down! But thank goodness my boyfriend was there by my side the WHOLE hike and held my hand whenever I felt like stopping or giving up! (*Big silly grin for supporting man hehehehhee)

The first half of the hike ended at the Paragon beach, which was beautiful! It was such a relief to take of my wet and muddy shoes and my sweaty tee shirt! My initial plan was to bathe in the sea, but I decided not to because it had already rained and I was all cold and just wanted to be dry. Instead, hubby and I just took a walk on the sand, and played around, being all couple-ish. It was great ^_^

Me at the beach! With my trusty stick that hubby got to help me through the muddy down-hill trail

After about 30 minutes, it was time to go finish the hike. The whole way back was literally uphill, with one or two flat areas. I did not time the journey uphill but it seemed like it took about an hour or so. Again, hubby was encouraging the whole way so that motivated me to push even harder. 

Headed uphill to finish the hike... Check out my cool Uberfit shirt!

Overall, it was not a horrifying hike as I imagined lol. I was so proud of myself when we finally finished! It was nice to be away from technology for a while and just enjoy the good ole outdoors. (I was sore the day after though!)

I suggest that the next time you hear of a hike, beach day, pool day, road trip, or whatever, GO FOR IT! The down time feels amazing and you'll definitely be happy that you left the house for a change.

Stay happy and healthy folks! ♥ S.H

P.S The two pics of me hiking are credit from Kevin Sammy Photography. If you want, friend him on facebook to check out some of his photos!

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