Friday, 25 April 2014

Reflecting and Thankful

It's come down to the end of the semester! I never thought it would end! This was by far the longest semester of LIFE! LOL but seriously though, it was a pretty challenging one for me both mentally and physically. The last few weeks I've been on an irregular sleeping schedule with the ever so faithful weekly exams that just kept on coming, and coming, AND COMING.

However, among all the labs,assignments, sectional exams, lab assisting, and of course group presentations (which I don't fancy too much, but whatevs) I must say that I've been blessed this entire semester! I can honestly say that I've not handed in one late assignment, or procrastinated so much that I had a mental breakdown. Every time there was an exam that I was just NOT ready for, it was pushed to the following week by the lecturer, and every topic I chose to skip while studying didn't come in some type of essay question.

Some may not see the need of mentioning these "petty" things, but let me tell you, it's these little things that make all the difference. I've continually thanked God throughout the semester for the situations, which I've established as BLESSINGS, because I couldn't have made it through the semester as sane as I have. Thanks God, good lookin' out ♥

As per usual, i'm gonna share some pictures!! Lets have a look - see:

2 Sabbaths ago, at my friend's apartment (let's just not focus on the mirror shalt we not)
More amateur phone-tography
And, of course, a selfie while walking to church ☺
So, this concludes today's post, stay happy everyone! ♥

Friday, 11 April 2014

End of Semester is Near! (and VERY amateur phone-tography)

*DEEP BREATH*. You just gotta love the weekends, man!!! I am a Saturday Sabbath keeper, and, man I have to tell you that the feeling of NO work related obligations for 24 hours is a live saver.

Over the week I have had three exams and a quiz in the space of three days and I didn't think I would have lasted till Thursday, but i'm alive (thank the LORD), and I have to repeat this whole crazy schedule of sleeping early and waking up early to put in some extra study time.

Despite all these ups and downs (and even more downs), I have managed to stay sane throughout this hectic semester, (3 more weeks woooo) without having a mental breakdown or anything of the sort. To all of those reading who have finals coming up, keep your chin up, study, take breaks, laugh ALOT, of course pray, and you'll be fine!

Now to digress - I've been into photography for a few years now, but I've never gotten the chance to own a fancy schmancy camera, or anything of the sort. Even if I did, I wouldn't have the time or patience to deal with that while being a biology major in university, so ive just stuck with amateur (and quite low quality :/) photographs of normal day to day stuff. I recently got to try out a Samsung ace and, well here are a few shots I took (i'll try to get some better shots when I actually have time like a normal person:

I know, they're NOT the best but lol, whatevs, you know?
And, there's the typical bathroom selfie:
So, stay happy peeps! Do what you love, and love what you do!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Self Discipline, Game of Thrones, and I can't Drive

11:30 pm and here I am, awake, desperately trying to find a link to watch Game of thrones on the slowest internet planet earth has ever seen. Why do I torment myself like this?

The original plan was to go to bed at 10, wake up at 3am, get some studies in, and feel accomplished like a good ole slave to the system. See I have this exam Wednesday, and one on Thursday too, so I need to get crackalackin with the estudies. But nooo, I choose to stay up, write a blog, and think about the better choices I should be making. Ugh.

At least I got some studying done over the weekend, kindof, So I feel less guilty for not sleeping the time I planned to. Man, is this what my life is? Sad really.

In other news, I was invited to go take a drive with my friend D on Saturday afternoon, to go collect something from his uncle. Now this place was about half an hour away from where I live currently. Being the introvert that I am, my brain screamed at me to say no, and stay cozy in bed to surf the internet all evening long, but I had one of these moments, you know, when you just tell yourself "what the hell" and go with the flow. So I went, and the drive on the way was SO calming. The scenery of the grass and trees and meadows. I felt like I was in the country side in Ireland, although I have no idea what that's like. ( if I had a fancy camera i'd have taken some pics).

I forgot what it was like to take a load off and just, be.

This, of course led me to thinking that I AM TWENTY ONE YEARS OLD AND I CANNOT DRIVE TO SAVE MY LIFE (or anyone else's for that matter). WTF is that? My dad drives taxi for a living and I cannot drive a car. wow. Let's pause for a moment here, *slow claps for Sharna everyone!

How awesome would it be to just get up one day and feel like hey, I wanna go to the beach today, and just GO TO THE GODDAMED BEACH?! Omg mental orgasm right now (slight exaggeration but who cares). But HA! I don't think i'll be getting my license anytime soon, because guess what? I'm not in my home country (or can you do that?), I'll be working in said not home country, and after that I might be going to med school half way across the planet, so yeah, fat chance.

I guess we'll put this one on my bucket list? MUST LEARN TO DRIVE.

Sigh, well i'm off to sleep now, 2 hours off schedule, but who's counting, right? Goodnight (to the 2 or 3 people who actually read this) and have a good one!