Reflecting and Thankful

It's come down to the end of the semester! I never thought it would end! This was by far the longest semester of LIFE! LOL but seriously though, it was a pretty challenging one for me both mentally and physically. The last few weeks I've been on an irregular sleeping schedule with the ever so faithful weekly exams that just kept on coming, and coming, AND COMING.

However, among all the labs,assignments, sectional exams, lab assisting, and of course group presentations (which I don't fancy too much, but whatevs) I must say that I've been blessed this entire semester! I can honestly say that I've not handed in one late assignment, or procrastinated so much that I had a mental breakdown. Every time there was an exam that I was just NOT ready for, it was pushed to the following week by the lecturer, and every topic I chose to skip while studying didn't come in some type of essay question.

Some may not see the need of mentioning these "petty" things, but let me tell you, it's these little things that make all the difference. I've continually thanked God throughout the semester for the situations, which I've established as BLESSINGS, because I couldn't have made it through the semester as sane as I have. Thanks God, good lookin' out ♥

As per usual, i'm gonna share some pictures!! Lets have a look - see:

2 Sabbaths ago, at my friend's apartment (let's just not focus on the mirror shalt we not)
More amateur phone-tography
And, of course, a selfie while walking to church ☺
So, this concludes today's post, stay happy everyone! ♥

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