Friday, 7 November 2014

Be Proud of Others

HHHHHHHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII peeps! I have awoken from the rock I was sleeping under lol!

How is everyone doing? I think I've been pretty o.k of lates: I'm in good health, my family and friends are fine, my relationship is good, and school well, remains school :/

I've been thinking for the past few days, how seldom we express how proud we are of the people we know, and are so easy to overlook their accomplishments, no matter how small. Sometimes, all someone needs to get them through a day, is some encouragement and recognition to boost them up!

I'm saying this because throughout my life I have gotten constant reassurance from my parents, aunts,  uncles, and other family members and friends of how proud they are of me, and my efforts (mainly school related), and I know that without the positive surroundings that I was raised in, that I wouldn't have been working as hard as I do right now. Even with living a more active lifestyle, I'm encouraged and inspired by my boyfriend, who leads by example, following his fitness goals.

Because I know how this (positivity) has impacted my life, I've begun to adopt that role, to remember to tell those I love, that I'm proud of them, even in the smallest of efforts and accomplishments, because who knows, you might be just the thing that keeps them going!

An encouraging word is a gift that keeps on giving. So, after you've read this post, think of at least one person you know that you think needs a push in the right direction, or just a nudge to keep going on, go tell them how proud you are of them, and they they're doing a fantastic job!

See ya next post ☺ ♥

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Updates and Randoms!!

Hey everyone! I've been meaning to update for weeks now, but every time I'd think about typing something that doesn't result in a grade, some bonus marks, or some some sort of benefit to my GPA, I've simply just said a mental "nah" to (lol).

So on to mini updates: I'm still following the training program on !! I'm actually sticking to it guys! This week began week 4!! I've missed a couple of days training, but I did't let that discourage me from just picking up right where I left off. Some of my recent improvements have been:

• Leg pressing three 45lb plates a side
• Deadlifting 35 lbs a side
• Shoulder pressing 10 lb dumbbells
• Spinning comfortably at level 6 on the spin bike (I think the highest level is 12)

There are others but that's just to mention a few! Oh and I try to eat clean, too!

After a gym session!!

Hair Updates

I think I can say that my hair has reached Mid Back Length (MBL for those who know the natural hair lingo)! I haven't been treating my hair the best these past couple of weeks, as a bun has been my staple hairstyle, and I've run out of eco styler gel :'( now I'm just strugglin' man!! I'm currently in need of a wash and I AM SIMPLY TOO LAZY FOR THAT RIGHT NOW. Don't judge me, you know how it is sometimes :/

Mid Back Length YO!

School and Work Updates

School has been, well, school. What's there really to say? LOL. Nothing really exciting in that department, to be honest. Oh, BIOCHEMISTRY is partly from the devil I believe. It's not a horrible subject but it's not a good one either, ya feel me? Maybe my fellow non - mathematicians will get this (sigh).
Working on one of my research papers at around 4 a.m! 

As for work, it's been pretty normal and routine. Sitting behind a counter selling stuff to people can get like that lol. A few days ago I was so bored and for that one day I had put on some light makeup, so I took what seemed like 40 - 50 selfies (no shame), but everyone knows 90% of selfies don't make the cut ;') bahahaha!!

That's it, for now I guess! I hope you enjoyed my attempt at another update and cramming stuff into one post to make up for lack of posts!! Enjoy the rest of your week everyone! Stay happy and healthy ♥☺

Oh, if any of you would like to follow me on Instagram, my username is @islandqueen_758

Sunday, 14 September 2014

I Work Out!

Hey hey hey! Hows everyone doing? I'm alright, thank you very much :)

So, school has resumed for me, my final semester of Undergrad! My course load isn't so ridiculous this semester, so I've taken up a part time job on campus as a lab assistant, and still working my summer job 3x a week! For this I am grateful.

In other, and more exciting news, I've resumed exercising at my school's gym as of last week Monday (Sept 8th)!! I thought it would have been more difficult to get the motivation to get up and go, but so far I haven't missed a day! It also helps that I have my bf as a trainer ^_^.

The program we're following is a 12 week program from and I'm on day 6 today. Let me tell you something, I was sore as a MOFO from Tuesday to Thursday, not fun.

ANYWHO I've done squats using the barbell! (pictured below) I've always wanted to do that and look like a badass lol. One thing I wish I had, though, was a blender or nutribullet! I hate eating veggies sometimes, so it would help A LOT if i got one of those. Howeverrrr I still am a college student, so this is just a little out of my reach at the moment.

Not me in this photo. Credit from
For those reading who need a little motivation, here it is! Go get fit and kick some ass, you won't regret it.

Until next post lovely people :D ♥♥

Tuesday, 2 September 2014


You guys, I'm updating from my NEW LAPTOP!

I was surprised with it today.. and I was speechless.

I don't know about specs and all that, but it's a Dell, its sleek and i love it already.

Super greatful for the loving people who provided it.

Hopefully this means more updates.. (?)... School's going to start soon, so we'll see.


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Sometimes bad things happen to good people

So I've been m.I.a for a minute and it's because I've been through a slightly traumatizing event.

Basically I got robbed on a car/taxi/cab (as some may say) and the guy got away with my laptop (that my dad just got me in December) and phone. I'm currently writing this post on a tablet that my boyfriend has so generously, and without a second thought, allowed me to use as long as I need to.

Because typing the whole story would be really annoying on this tablet (nexus 7) I'm just going to point out the basics of what happened. If there are any major type o's then please forgive me.
This is just some answers to questions I think that you (the reader) would have..

* I was sitting in the front seat of the car and the guy was seated behind me

* he had what appeared top be a gun in his hand wrapped up in a black bandana and was making gun threats

*there was another lady in the car who put up what seemed like a fight. She was quickly let off the car but I didn't wanna act rash and potentially get shot

* he seemed desperate and inexperienced

* in addition to the laptop and blackberry, he took $20 that I had on me

* I was calm the whole time and asked for my memory card from my phone and bus fare ($5) since he said he'd have the driver drop me off at a  bus stop/bus route

* I did go to the police station and made a report, so did the lady. I'm not expecting anything to come out of it though

This happened mid day on July 25th 2014. I have thought about that incident everyday since, in every way possible on what I could have done differently. Things like:

- why didn't I quickly get off the car when the lady was let off?
- I should have begged for my laptop, say that I have all my school info on there. Maybe he would have given it back to me
-I should have had pepper spray or somethingsomething

Then some days I just feel angry, because that mofo didn't know how much my father had to struggle to get me that new laptop! He's the only working parent, so I know how much he had to sacrifice for my sake, and then some ignorant, lazy fool, in this country of opportunities, just gets it for free.

But then I always come to my senses and thank God that I'm alive and well. The guy could have been a maniac and have the driver take me to some random place and have his way with me. God will have the last say in this thoughh. I thank God everyday I enter any sort of public transportation and arrive to my destination in one piece. It might not sound so horrific to some, but this took away some of my sense of security and trust in people/strangers/ taxi drivers, especially men.

 If I had the money I would find some self defense classes and do that, bit I'm still a struggling college student trying to survive in a country that is not my home.

I might be getting a new laptop soon though, through the generosity of people who love me. Thank you to them.

If any of you reading this knows my mom please don't tell her about this, I don't think she could handle this bit of stress at the moment. I did tell my dad and some cousins and older sister though.

Oh and I stopped exercising because I've lost some motivation since this thing happened. I'll get back to it though.

So, to those who have already started school, gods speed to you! Really hoping this semester is my last in this school.

Anyways, stay safe and be thankful for the little things. Until next post.

Monday, 21 July 2014

Photo shoot & Food Poisoning :(

G'day mates! Hope all's been well with you guys! Well, from the title of the post, you can already tell what this is about.

On Sunday (13th July) I had a photo shoot! It wasn't anything "professional" per se.. One of my guy friends wanted to practice his photography skills and asked me if I would be willing to be his "model", and of course, I said yes!

We went to a golf course, around 5 pm so that we'd get awesome lighting from the sun, and sunset. I tried on three outfits, just for fun. He hasn't finished editing all the photos, so these are the ones he's sent me so far:

For my hair, I tried, and failed at doing a bantu knot out on wet hair. So, instead of feeling crappy about that, I just fluffed out my hair, and let it do what it wanted. Oh, and I also did my own makeup.. I tried, I tried.

Now, on to the sucky part of the week: I think I got food poisoning on Thursday! 

All day Thursday was horrible, as I had made frequent visits to the bathroom and not knowing why. This continued on Friday as well. I took 2 Imodium pills to help stop these not so nice visits to the bathroom, and it helped! A little too well, I think, as I didn't make another "visit" most of Saturday. On Sunday I was just plain feeling like crap. I had chills, goosebumps, and a bad headache which pounded each time I got up from sitting.

It's now Monday night and this afternoon I felt like crap all over again. I have no idea what's wrong with me, but I hope it passes soon.

Until next post, when I'm feeling better ♥

Monday, 14 July 2014

Thoughts at 2:11 a.m

You know one of those late night overthinking sessions we all have from time to time? Yeah, I'm having one as we speak. As my mind rambles on (about my entire life/existence, pretty much), I came to thinking about how I think that I sometimes don't put my BEST into things that I do.

Let's backtrack for a little, shall we? yeah? OK.

Attending primary school (or elementary school as some may say), I was a smart kid, if I do say so myself. Granted, I don't think that Math has ever been my area, but I do alright. So much so that I used to always place in the top two students for several semesters.

However, this reality began to change once I got into secondary (high) school, where there was more "competition", for lack of a better word. It was never a dramatic transition to realize that I may not be as "smart" as I thought, but the realization of me having to step up my game was a bit haunting. To be clear, I was not competing with any of the students who were scoring higher than me, I just wanted to be able to be in the top two again, something that I was used to.

I may be thinking about it too deeply, like on some psychological level, but I think that in that stage in my life (secondary school years), I gradually stopped challenging myself to aim for the top two, and was settling for passing my subjects instead...doing well, yes, but passing was the goal.

Fast forward to University, and this mentality has stuck with me throughout the beginning years of me doing my Undergrad. My first couple of years, I didn't know what studying truly meant. In doing all of this, I sometimes used to compare myself with other students in my year, who were pushing extra time after classes, staying late, doing group studies (which, from experience I kindof hate), and just subconsciously ask myself why I wasn't pushing that hard, too. I never really tried to push hard until the beginning of my third year till now, that's when I began to REALLY study and understand and not just try to remember things and regurgitate.

Whats my point you may ask?

In my limited knowledge of psychology, and my trying-to-piece-it-all-together overthinking brain, here's what I came up with:

• I think that realizing I wasn't as highly ranked as I used to be, and not being in the top 2, 3, or even 4 sometimes made me take a step back, and eventually get comfortable with not putting my ALL into my work and not trying my hardest

• It made me lazy, come to think of it

• This attitude is still with me today. Even when I've studied hard, I don't think I have, because I'm so used to my lazy-ish studying mindset, that only now am I trying to make up for it

• I am not an over achiever. Trust me. I can settle for B's and C's (-_-) when they come (and they do come)

• I wanna be better than this. Not an obsessive student, but a better one

That's all I got for now. I really hope I made sense to someone, and that you can relate in some small way.\
I do think that I've improved and I'm proud of myself for it ^_^

Anywho it's BED time! Or was, a few hours ago, but hey, no judgement lol.

See yall next post ♥

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Randomz Yo!

So.. yeah. I need to plan out topics and at LEAST try to post once a week. This post is just a collection of random things that have happened so far this week:

• I've recently reconnected with my cousin who lives in FRANCE via skype... we've now moved on to whatsapp (we havent spoken in a few months) yaay family!

• I've sent out 2 applications for another part time jabb (job) **crossing fingers cuz I need that dough, ya feel me

• Today I went to the Trincity mall and there was a fish display by the University of Trinidad and Tobago, and due to my crap phone camera only took one shot. I didn't stay long enough to find oit what the whole display was about (wildlife conservation I assume)

sharks and rays

After which I sampled some new german chocolate that's coming out (tasted pretty norms to me but what do I know)

• AND oh! I started watching Orange is the New Black!! Let me tell you, I am never going to prison (not that I ever intended to go anyways)... I am not becoming any woman's' prison wife, no sir ree.

Anywho, here's hoping to a more meaningful post next week (lol)

♥ stay happy peeps ☺

Don't be shy to share some of your recent random life events, be it big or small! 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Natural Hurrr!!! My Journey so Far!

G'day mates! Like I promised in the last post, this week's post is all about my natural hair journey! From relaxed to currently mid-back length! So let's begin with my background (genes etc).


MOM: Half indian (dad), Half black (mom)
DAD: Black (with white somewhere in his history... his grandfather I think?)

Why and when did I begin relaxing my hair?

Welp... I have always been tenderheaded, in that I have sensitivity in my scalp whenever other people than myself combs my hair (this is still the case). So, at the tween age of 10, and upon entering secondary (high) school, I convinced my mom to let me get a relaxer since she "wont have time to comb my hair every week" (like I was going to be SO busy). Anywho, she said ok and then my aunt relaxed it with an at home relaxer, I believe by the "Motions" brand.

I have always had good length hair, even with a relaxer, but I never knew the "proper" way to take care of it. I never deep conditioned, or did hot oil treatments, steaming, NADA. So, eventually my hair began to get thin and limp, lifeless really.
Hair was long but limp

After Grad fete, July 2009 hair was cut and colored black (by me ofcourse)

As a result, in 2010 I began researching about ways to take care of relaxed hair, and I was ecstatic to come across so many helpful videos and tutorials on non other but YouTube! (At this point I had cut my hair to shoulder length) Man, was I happy! Anyways, I started watching many of "ulovemegz"'s videos on how to stretch your relaxer (i.e not relaxing your hair over a long period of time) and decided that I would stretch my relaxer for 6 months, then relax it in order to gain length and thickness.

4 months into my "stretching" period, while deep conditioning, I noticed my little curls popping out and looking so cute! Mannnnn, I tell you, at this discovery I began to become super confused because I was falling in love with my little natural curls! To relax, or not to relax?? OH MAN this was a dilemma (not really but really).

Long story short, my cousin, who was transitioning (from relaxed to natural) at the time convinced me to keep growing out my curly hair, and that I did! 9 months into my transition, on December 10th, 2010 I did the BIG CHOP!

Here's a timeline of hair progress over the last 3 years:

Pic captions kinda explains itself doncha think? :)

Forgive the messy background

And as of 2 weeks ago:

So that's about it for length progress! Hope you enjoyed!

Until next post ♥

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Better Blogger, Small Updates, Wishful Thinking

HIIIIIII oh my goodness I've neglected this blog for ages! For the tiny population of humans who read this, I'm sorry I've been so inconsistent. I've had writer's (blogger's?) block FOREVER, and I haven't had an idea for a post in a while. But I'm working on it... my next post  WILL be next week, and will cover some areas of my natural hair! WOOOO!!! (excited? well you should be)

Sneak Preview:

So an update on my life:

1. I'm still working out

2. I've switched from T25 to P90X3 and now doing Insanity, (exercise commitment issues?) in the span of 2 months (you can see below the posters of the workouts)

3. I'm currently reading "The Courage Tree" by Daine Chamberlain (so far so good.. I haven't read for recreation in a looong time)

Oh and here's the Front Cover of the book I'm reading

Things I would LOVE to have/do:

1. MORE MONEY - mostly to help with school finances, to get my ass a ticket to go home before school reopens, to help out my family, to be able to comfortably buy all the healthy food i want (and maybe travel the world? wuut?)

2. Motivation to actually start (for real this time) studying biochemistry before the semester starts in September

3. More money

4. To stop being so addicted to youtube

5. To study the Bible more (I've been neglecting this recently)

6. Oh, you know... MORE MOOLAH SON!

Hoooowever, in the scheme of things, I still think that I'm happy with what I have going on in life right now... I mean I'm healthy, my family is ok, my boyfriend and I are happy, and although there are some things in life right now that i would like to be different, I know God would see me through them.

Anywho, stay happy peeps, until next time ♥

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

TAKE A HIKE! (No, literally)

This summer I promised myself that I would do more things that I usually wouldn't, because, frankly I can be such a couch potato, and a home-body that it's depressing (not literally but you get what I mean). So, on Sunday (May 25th) I went on a hike! This fit in well with my goal to become more active and fit, so it was really a no brainer to decide to go. The hike was hosted by a fitness group called Uberfit in Trinidad.

Here's the Flyer for the hike:

And the stuff I brought to eat:

Gatorade, Water, Granola, Bananas

When we arrived at the area where the hike began, it was rainy! What a great way to start a hike! It turned out alright, to be honest, because i would have prefered hiking in the rain than in blazing sun anyway. The first 10 minutes into hiking, I felt so unfit, because I was already panting and slowing down! But thank goodness my boyfriend was there by my side the WHOLE hike and held my hand whenever I felt like stopping or giving up! (*Big silly grin for supporting man hehehehhee)

The first half of the hike ended at the Paragon beach, which was beautiful! It was such a relief to take of my wet and muddy shoes and my sweaty tee shirt! My initial plan was to bathe in the sea, but I decided not to because it had already rained and I was all cold and just wanted to be dry. Instead, hubby and I just took a walk on the sand, and played around, being all couple-ish. It was great ^_^

Me at the beach! With my trusty stick that hubby got to help me through the muddy down-hill trail

After about 30 minutes, it was time to go finish the hike. The whole way back was literally uphill, with one or two flat areas. I did not time the journey uphill but it seemed like it took about an hour or so. Again, hubby was encouraging the whole way so that motivated me to push even harder. 

Headed uphill to finish the hike... Check out my cool Uberfit shirt!

Overall, it was not a horrifying hike as I imagined lol. I was so proud of myself when we finally finished! It was nice to be away from technology for a while and just enjoy the good ole outdoors. (I was sore the day after though!)

I suggest that the next time you hear of a hike, beach day, pool day, road trip, or whatever, GO FOR IT! The down time feels amazing and you'll definitely be happy that you left the house for a change.

Stay happy and healthy folks! ♥ S.H

P.S The two pics of me hiking are credit from Kevin Sammy Photography. If you want, friend him on facebook to check out some of his photos!

Monday, 19 May 2014

Fitness Blog? Nahhh

Re-starting a healthy lifestyle always (and I do mean ALWAYS) goes completely different than I want. What I mean by that is that as SOON as I make the decision to become dedicated, and serious about this whole lifestyle change, then I get in a situation where I eat the exact thing I set in my mind not to.

Ok, so let me explain myself. At the beginning of last week, I vowed to myself to stay away from cheese and dairy because they both make me feel bloated. It so happens that I got company over for an evening and they brought pizza, fries, and fried chicken.n Out of that I had three small slices of pizza (which i do not feel guilty for), a few fries and one chicken drumstick. I'm not beating myself up for those because I had eaten properly that day.

Lastnight, I went to the mall and got a smoothie with milk, which I didn't want to get, but that was all the place had that was "healthy". 

Overall, I'm not saying that it's the end of the world when I eat pizza, or drink milk, but I would have liked to start at least the first week without them, you know? And, yes, I know I didn't HAVE to have either of them but these things happen. As much as possible I will try to stay away from them, and increase my fruit and veggie intake.

Oh, and I got a job too! It's at a gym, selling (mostly) protein and other gym-ish stuff lol. So far I like it, and my boss, she's cool! (plus seeing people working out all day gives me motivation so that's a plus).

I can truly say that I am making some mental progress, as to what I eat, drinking more water, and exercising regularly. I worked out 4 times last week, starting with 2 days of "T25", and the other 2 being "P90X 3" (Both being by the company Beachbody). From now on i'll only be doing P90x 3 because I think it's more challenging than T25, and it's only 30 minutes per workout (T25 is 25 minutes).

As for weighing, i'm not really into getting on the scale and all that jazzbecause i'm just focusing on how I feel, not how much I weigh. However, for blog purposes I will state my stats:

Height: 5ft 6"
Weight: 125 lbs (thats what the scale said so yeah)

This is begining to feel like a fitness blog! LOL but I will have different content here and there. I just wanted to update, and show that I haven't neglected my blog ☺.

Until next post, be motivated, and stay healthy!

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Doing This Fitness Thing!

So I actually started working out today! I do have to mention though, I had 2 slices of pizza for breakfast!  :O Yes, I know, don't judge me. That wont be happening again any time soon lol. I won't be doing daily posts, but I was so excited about starting over, so here goes my diet today:

2 slices of chicken pizza (yes, yes i know, stop looking at me like that)

2 big spoonfuls of rice with chicken and lentils

4 cookies
Handful of peanuts


Before dinner, I did the Shaun T "T-25" workout "Alpha total body circuit", and I must say, than I am indeed unfit. But I'm gonna change that! I felt awesome after working out though!

"Sweat is your FAT crying"

Hope this motivates at least one person. If it does, then keep going, we can do it!! ♥

Friday, 9 May 2014

Finals are OVER & I Want to be FIT!

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS LORD the semester is over!!!! Sorry for all the ratchetness but I think many of you feel the same way, about this time of year! Omg, this was the longest semester of LIFE! But I can now focus on myself, and getting my body back in order!

For some odd reason, when it comes to my fitness, and healthy lifestyle in general, it has always been a yoyo effect. One week i'm all healthy, hot and sweating while working out, and then next thing i know, I slowly reduce working out from 4 days, to 3, 2, then just quit altogether.

The thing is, I do NOT have a legit excuse as to why I do this to myself. I could easily work out instead of watching that youtube video (or 10, don't judge me), or that movie, but I don't. I could even make a schedule for peets sake. WHY DO I DO THIS?? 

I have never been obese, or overweight. When I was (God, i'm using past tense already) a teenager in high school, I was always skinny, until I started puberty, which was when "dem curves" came into light, but I was still at a good weight (for me). After graduating high school in 2009, I took a gap year before starting Uni. That year I took of, I gained about 5 - 7 pounds, I'm not sure how much exactly. 

Now, this may not sound like a lot of weight to put on, but for me, I can tell (and it shows too) when I've put on even as little as 3 pounds. So, going into Uni I was about 130 lbs and I was not comfortable at that weight. Why? Because I don't gain weight in a "flattering" way. It goes to my stomach, thighs, and my face, making it look round and puffy. And, to top it off, I felt like i had to "suck in" my stomach constantly, and nobody loves doing that! 

So, I took action, and lost 4 pounds by going to the gym regularly, and eating smaller portion sizes, while eating a little more fruit and veggies, and drinking ALOT of water. This change was the best I've ever felt (physically) in a long time! I was no longer sucking in my stomach (yes, even with a 4 lb difference), and i was feeling more energized and lighter!! This lasted for one semester, yall. ONE bloody semester. And that was 2 years ago (damn, time really flies).

Saying all of this, I want to get back to this state of mind and habit of being healthy and FIT. I keep starting and stipping, and I do not know why. You know what? I want firm thighs, firmer bootay (yes, hunty), tight stomach, toned arms, and I just want to look my best!
This summer I will be challenging myself to be more disciplined, and to go after what I want, NO EXCUSES. Writing this blog will hopefully keep me accountable for my actions. I will be posting progress pics, hopefully the camera quality doesn't suck balls (excuse my french). Oh and I have a friend who's also making healthy changes, so that will also motivate me! Yay for fitness!!!! 

Back in October 2011, obviously I failed to suck in my tummy! (I'm in blue btw if u didn't notice). (And my lovely LOVELY friend, who's also on a healthy change)

At a pageant in May 2012 - The semester where I was dedicated to fitness (see a flatter tummy?)

One of those yoyo days, where I was working out again -- this was in 2013.

So, here goes nothing! Pray for me guys, that i stick to this and not overthink it or get in my own way. I believe I can, so I WILL!! I am making this a lifetime thing, and not a summer thing! Be motivated, and love life. Until the next post :) ♥

Friday, 25 April 2014

Reflecting and Thankful

It's come down to the end of the semester! I never thought it would end! This was by far the longest semester of LIFE! LOL but seriously though, it was a pretty challenging one for me both mentally and physically. The last few weeks I've been on an irregular sleeping schedule with the ever so faithful weekly exams that just kept on coming, and coming, AND COMING.

However, among all the labs,assignments, sectional exams, lab assisting, and of course group presentations (which I don't fancy too much, but whatevs) I must say that I've been blessed this entire semester! I can honestly say that I've not handed in one late assignment, or procrastinated so much that I had a mental breakdown. Every time there was an exam that I was just NOT ready for, it was pushed to the following week by the lecturer, and every topic I chose to skip while studying didn't come in some type of essay question.

Some may not see the need of mentioning these "petty" things, but let me tell you, it's these little things that make all the difference. I've continually thanked God throughout the semester for the situations, which I've established as BLESSINGS, because I couldn't have made it through the semester as sane as I have. Thanks God, good lookin' out ♥

As per usual, i'm gonna share some pictures!! Lets have a look - see:

2 Sabbaths ago, at my friend's apartment (let's just not focus on the mirror shalt we not)
More amateur phone-tography
And, of course, a selfie while walking to church ☺
So, this concludes today's post, stay happy everyone! ♥

Friday, 11 April 2014

End of Semester is Near! (and VERY amateur phone-tography)

*DEEP BREATH*. You just gotta love the weekends, man!!! I am a Saturday Sabbath keeper, and, man I have to tell you that the feeling of NO work related obligations for 24 hours is a live saver.

Over the week I have had three exams and a quiz in the space of three days and I didn't think I would have lasted till Thursday, but i'm alive (thank the LORD), and I have to repeat this whole crazy schedule of sleeping early and waking up early to put in some extra study time.

Despite all these ups and downs (and even more downs), I have managed to stay sane throughout this hectic semester, (3 more weeks woooo) without having a mental breakdown or anything of the sort. To all of those reading who have finals coming up, keep your chin up, study, take breaks, laugh ALOT, of course pray, and you'll be fine!

Now to digress - I've been into photography for a few years now, but I've never gotten the chance to own a fancy schmancy camera, or anything of the sort. Even if I did, I wouldn't have the time or patience to deal with that while being a biology major in university, so ive just stuck with amateur (and quite low quality :/) photographs of normal day to day stuff. I recently got to try out a Samsung ace and, well here are a few shots I took (i'll try to get some better shots when I actually have time like a normal person:

I know, they're NOT the best but lol, whatevs, you know?
And, there's the typical bathroom selfie:
So, stay happy peeps! Do what you love, and love what you do!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Self Discipline, Game of Thrones, and I can't Drive

11:30 pm and here I am, awake, desperately trying to find a link to watch Game of thrones on the slowest internet planet earth has ever seen. Why do I torment myself like this?

The original plan was to go to bed at 10, wake up at 3am, get some studies in, and feel accomplished like a good ole slave to the system. See I have this exam Wednesday, and one on Thursday too, so I need to get crackalackin with the estudies. But nooo, I choose to stay up, write a blog, and think about the better choices I should be making. Ugh.

At least I got some studying done over the weekend, kindof, So I feel less guilty for not sleeping the time I planned to. Man, is this what my life is? Sad really.

In other news, I was invited to go take a drive with my friend D on Saturday afternoon, to go collect something from his uncle. Now this place was about half an hour away from where I live currently. Being the introvert that I am, my brain screamed at me to say no, and stay cozy in bed to surf the internet all evening long, but I had one of these moments, you know, when you just tell yourself "what the hell" and go with the flow. So I went, and the drive on the way was SO calming. The scenery of the grass and trees and meadows. I felt like I was in the country side in Ireland, although I have no idea what that's like. ( if I had a fancy camera i'd have taken some pics).

I forgot what it was like to take a load off and just, be.

This, of course led me to thinking that I AM TWENTY ONE YEARS OLD AND I CANNOT DRIVE TO SAVE MY LIFE (or anyone else's for that matter). WTF is that? My dad drives taxi for a living and I cannot drive a car. wow. Let's pause for a moment here, *slow claps for Sharna everyone!

How awesome would it be to just get up one day and feel like hey, I wanna go to the beach today, and just GO TO THE GODDAMED BEACH?! Omg mental orgasm right now (slight exaggeration but who cares). But HA! I don't think i'll be getting my license anytime soon, because guess what? I'm not in my home country (or can you do that?), I'll be working in said not home country, and after that I might be going to med school half way across the planet, so yeah, fat chance.

I guess we'll put this one on my bucket list? MUST LEARN TO DRIVE.

Sigh, well i'm off to sleep now, 2 hours off schedule, but who's counting, right? Goodnight (to the 2 or 3 people who actually read this) and have a good one!

Monday, 31 March 2014

Decisions, Decisions

We all have these "what am I even doing at school" moments. Yeah, you know what I'm talking about. Well,  I'm having one as we speak. I feel like exams are taking over my existence and creeping into all the aspects of my life, leaving me a social wreck (I have already made it official that I do not have a social life).

I feel like my thoughts are jumbled up, I don't even know where I'm going with this post...

I fee like I owe everything to my parents, especially my father. This man has given all that he can to make SURE I got to go to university, a privilege he never had. This is a debt I feel like I can never pay back. (excuse my emotional ness, this is bringing me to actual tears). He has been working tirelessly as a man even before he married my mother, had my sister, had me, my little sister, and he works tirelessly to this day. He is my inspiration and my hero.

As of late, the topic of "what are you doing after you graduate" have been coming up left, right, and center. Most times I say "i don't know" because, frankly I DO NOT KNOW, and I feel like somewhat of a failure because I don't have my ish together. My country has this scholarship program going on that offers scholarships to Taiwan, yes friggin TAIWAN.

Just so you could see what I'm dealing with:

My initial plans were to go to med school, but I sometimes doubt my abilities as a scholar as to whether i'm in over my head with that dream. I'm not a 4.0 student per se, and i'm not an over achiever as many people I know are. I feel like that's a trait you need to make it through med school (of course I could be wrong), but its a competitive field, of which I don't feel like I fit in.

However, getting a scholarship would make it easier to realize that my dream could actually come to reality, but at some cost. What do I mean? WELLLLL, there's the boyfriend aspect, I might have to NOT see him for 4+ years (I don't know if he's up for long distance and i'm afraid to bring up the topic again because I know he doesn't want to stand in the way of my goals), family too. I wont get to actually see my little sister grow up, be there as a shoulder when she needs it, be with my family, which is the most important thing in this life to me.

But as I said it IS a good opportunity, assuming I even get through of course. My dad called and told me to see if I could get through applying and stuff. He really wants me to get the scholarship. I mean I owe him this much to try. He has sacrificed so much for my sisters and I to have a good life, and to keep us happy.

I have the rest of the year to sort out my emotions on this one, and I'm going to apply for the scholarship early next year if its still available. Sigh, I wish my boyfriend and family could just move with me if I go.
This is all a part of life's big journey I guess. Plus I have a cousin in Taiwan now, and he says its actually cool over there, so I feel comforted by that. So for now, that's the plan for my future.

Lord this post is long. Anywho, thanks for reading if u made it till the end. ♥

Saturday, 29 March 2014

Past Insecurities...

You know how we tend to give people advice but never take it? Yeah I was one of those.

For a few years in high school (we call it secondary school) I used to be quite insecure about myself because I was really skinny and I was a "late bloomer" as one may call it. So much so, that I had a crush on one of my closest friends at the time and NEVER told him a word, but of course my journal knew everything!

Fast forward to my last year in high school, in which I decided to have a boyfriend but I knew I wasn't ready for one at the time. Of course, I still had a bit of body image issues, but by that time the "late blooming" stage was already overcome, as I had a "figure" and some gluteus maximus action going on, if ya know what I mean. But for some reason, my then boyfriend asked me a question about my body that i'm not even comfortable saying on the internet. Needless to say that I laughed it off, but from that time, I was already turned off.

I don't think anyone I knew knew that I was uncomfortable in my own skin because I used to put up a front all the time. I have these brown eyes that capture people's attention all the time, which means they'd pay attention to me, which I sometimes didn't like. But I've learned to accept compliments and not be shy about it. Feeling insecure takes YEARS to get over (trust me, I know), if we ever do at all. I am still not 100% as comfortable as I would like to be, but i'm wayyy past how I used to feel in high school. I think i'm pretty happy with myself actually. I'm in a good place right now.

One of my goals by the end of summer is to have a body that I am completely and utterly satisfied with. I plan on doing stuff like juicing sometimes, working out more, try to be more outdoorsy (I could stay indoors for days), and just improve my overall mental and physical health.

I leave you with this song that has been in my head for DAYS now

Friday, 28 March 2014

First Post?!!!!

To anyone who decides to read this, HI ! ! !

        So, let's begin with formalities. I'm Sharna, from the beautiful Caribbean island St Lucia. As you can tell by my blog title, this blog is not quite specific, but it's gonna be random bits and pieces of my life, and my interests, rants, and reviews, hair, fitness, likes, and dislikes.

A little background on me

        For as long as I can remember, I've always had a keen interest in writing, (well I kept a journal from ages 13 - 17 so clearly) and I just stopped as soon as I began university. Needless to say that my "creative juices" have been in severe hibernation for a while (4 years to be exact, but who's counting?). So here I am, revisiting an old love, and this time sharing it with the internet, assuming anyone ever reads this. But, if you like to, follow me as I take you along my life's journey, and hopefully you'll be inspired as others have inspired me.

Oh and one more thing, here's my face!

Photo by Rany Daniel Horne