Sometimes bad things happen to good people

So I've been m.I.a for a minute and it's because I've been through a slightly traumatizing event.

Basically I got robbed on a car/taxi/cab (as some may say) and the guy got away with my laptop (that my dad just got me in December) and phone. I'm currently writing this post on a tablet that my boyfriend has so generously, and without a second thought, allowed me to use as long as I need to.

Because typing the whole story would be really annoying on this tablet (nexus 7) I'm just going to point out the basics of what happened. If there are any major type o's then please forgive me.
This is just some answers to questions I think that you (the reader) would have..

* I was sitting in the front seat of the car and the guy was seated behind me

* he had what appeared top be a gun in his hand wrapped up in a black bandana and was making gun threats

*there was another lady in the car who put up what seemed like a fight. She was quickly let off the car but I didn't wanna act rash and potentially get shot

* he seemed desperate and inexperienced

* in addition to the laptop and blackberry, he took $20 that I had on me

* I was calm the whole time and asked for my memory card from my phone and bus fare ($5) since he said he'd have the driver drop me off at a  bus stop/bus route

* I did go to the police station and made a report, so did the lady. I'm not expecting anything to come out of it though

This happened mid day on July 25th 2014. I have thought about that incident everyday since, in every way possible on what I could have done differently. Things like:

- why didn't I quickly get off the car when the lady was let off?
- I should have begged for my laptop, say that I have all my school info on there. Maybe he would have given it back to me
-I should have had pepper spray or somethingsomething

Then some days I just feel angry, because that mofo didn't know how much my father had to struggle to get me that new laptop! He's the only working parent, so I know how much he had to sacrifice for my sake, and then some ignorant, lazy fool, in this country of opportunities, just gets it for free.

But then I always come to my senses and thank God that I'm alive and well. The guy could have been a maniac and have the driver take me to some random place and have his way with me. God will have the last say in this thoughh. I thank God everyday I enter any sort of public transportation and arrive to my destination in one piece. It might not sound so horrific to some, but this took away some of my sense of security and trust in people/strangers/ taxi drivers, especially men.

 If I had the money I would find some self defense classes and do that, bit I'm still a struggling college student trying to survive in a country that is not my home.

I might be getting a new laptop soon though, through the generosity of people who love me. Thank you to them.

If any of you reading this knows my mom please don't tell her about this, I don't think she could handle this bit of stress at the moment. I did tell my dad and some cousins and older sister though.

Oh and I stopped exercising because I've lost some motivation since this thing happened. I'll get back to it though.

So, to those who have already started school, gods speed to you! Really hoping this semester is my last in this school.

Anyways, stay safe and be thankful for the little things. Until next post.

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