Randomz Yo!

So.. yeah. I need to plan out topics and at LEAST try to post once a week. This post is just a collection of random things that have happened so far this week:

• I've recently reconnected with my cousin who lives in FRANCE via skype... we've now moved on to whatsapp (we havent spoken in a few months) yaay family!

• I've sent out 2 applications for another part time jabb (job) **crossing fingers cuz I need that dough, ya feel me

• Today I went to the Trincity mall and there was a fish display by the University of Trinidad and Tobago, and due to my crap phone camera only took one shot. I didn't stay long enough to find oit what the whole display was about (wildlife conservation I assume)

sharks and rays

After which I sampled some new german chocolate that's coming out (tasted pretty norms to me but what do I know)

• AND oh! I started watching Orange is the New Black!! Let me tell you, I am never going to prison (not that I ever intended to go anyways)... I am not becoming any woman's' prison wife, no sir ree.

Anywho, here's hoping to a more meaningful post next week (lol)

♥ stay happy peeps ☺

Don't be shy to share some of your recent random life events, be it big or small! 

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