Better Blogger, Small Updates, Wishful Thinking

HIIIIIII oh my goodness I've neglected this blog for ages! For the tiny population of humans who read this, I'm sorry I've been so inconsistent. I've had writer's (blogger's?) block FOREVER, and I haven't had an idea for a post in a while. But I'm working on it... my next post  WILL be next week, and will cover some areas of my natural hair! WOOOO!!! (excited? well you should be)

Sneak Preview:

So an update on my life:

1. I'm still working out

2. I've switched from T25 to P90X3 and now doing Insanity, (exercise commitment issues?) in the span of 2 months (you can see below the posters of the workouts)

3. I'm currently reading "The Courage Tree" by Daine Chamberlain (so far so good.. I haven't read for recreation in a looong time)

Oh and here's the Front Cover of the book I'm reading

Things I would LOVE to have/do:

1. MORE MONEY - mostly to help with school finances, to get my ass a ticket to go home before school reopens, to help out my family, to be able to comfortably buy all the healthy food i want (and maybe travel the world? wuut?)

2. Motivation to actually start (for real this time) studying biochemistry before the semester starts in September

3. More money

4. To stop being so addicted to youtube

5. To study the Bible more (I've been neglecting this recently)

6. Oh, you know... MORE MOOLAH SON!

Hoooowever, in the scheme of things, I still think that I'm happy with what I have going on in life right now... I mean I'm healthy, my family is ok, my boyfriend and I are happy, and although there are some things in life right now that i would like to be different, I know God would see me through them.

Anywho, stay happy peeps, until next time ♥

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