Happy New Year!!!! Updates!

Hey, hi, hello people of the internet! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

As per usual, I'm here with my once in a blue moon blog post lol. But hey, I ain't mad.  These past few months have been something else. I'm almost to the end of my first semester in medical school, and I can say so far that it hasn't been as horrible as I'd imagined! However, the volume of work that one has to cover over a short space of time is quite the challenge. My spirits were almost crushed this week, as I did not score well in one of my block exams as I thought I did, but that's okay. I prayed about it and asked God to guide me for the next exams.

On to the topic of being homesick. To be honest, it hasn't been that bad either, but of course I have to give credit to skype and whatsapp, faceboook and other social media, for without them I would be a wreck. No, seriously. Keeping my relationship has been pretty good so far, even with a 12 hour difference! And keeping in touch with family remains a constant thing.

As for traveling around in Taiwan, I've been around a few places, mostly on school trips and dinners. I decided to also step outside my comfort zone and sing with a band on stage lol! Of course, with my fellow international students ☺By no means am I Beyonce or anywhere near Beyonce level LOL!
Anywho, here are a few photos that sorta, kinda, (not really) summarizes these past months!

Persormance at the I-Shou Main Campus

What is Asia without noodles? :p

My sliding door these past mornings. Peep the GOT reference ^_^

Flower Festival


Chinese Art of Writing


New Years Eve!

Oh! ANNNNDDD what are the odds that my cousin from FRANCE came to vacation in Taiwan with his girlfriend?! So, naturally we HAD to meet up!

This is basically what I've been up to, and of course, staying busy with the studies. 
Once again, a HAPPPY and successful 2016 to all! ♥

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