I've Finished my First Year of Medical School!! (Plus Summer Vaca)

Guys. GUYS. I have officially finished my first YEAR as a medical student... um.. wut?! I mean, granted that I finished way back in June (it's now August), but I did it! I am so proud to have accomplished this, for not only myself, but of course my support system back home.

Now, you may be wondering, "June?! What are you going to be doing until September rolls around?"

Well, surprise, surprise... I'm back in the Caribbean! Hearing everyone talk about going home for the summer made me feel super jealous, so I worked really hard to save up the monayyy, also with some assistance, and got my ass out of Taiwan and to St. Lucia!

Airport in Taiwan

China to New York!

Somewhere between China and New York
Over New York!

On the way to St. Lucia ☺

Y'all. Jet lag is real.

Imagine travelling back in time, cause that's basically what I did. From Taiwan being 12 hours ahead, back to caribbean. I lost all my bearings within the first week (lol). By 5pm each day I was already tired AF, but forced myself to make it to at least 9pm so I can at least get night time sleep. I also avoided taking naps during the day.

I spent the month of July home (I'm currently in Trinidad visiting bae) and my gosh. It was just one of those summers you remember for the rest of your life. I feel so BLESSED to have been born in my family. In summary, I got closer to my little sister, which is truly a blessing (we were always kinda not - too close), AND I got to spend her birthday with her. I got to go out more than I usually do when I'm home, which was a nice change.

My Family:
Big sis, Mom, Me, Little Sis, Dad
Location: Anse La Raye, St. Lucia

At a Cricket game lol (I'm not much of a fan but it was awesome)

Another Cricket Game

To put the icing on the mushy lovey dovey cake, 2 of my cousins who live on the island of Martinique came down 4 days earlier than they told us. Guys. Tears. At that point, I think I hadn't seen them for (maybe) over 2 years? I can't recall exactly, but it had been a while. I just lost it. Even writing about it makes me tear up :'). From that night onwards, I hadn't slept early at all!! I think the earliest may have been 3am? Oh my gosh, so much laughter, so much love. My heart was so full. Still is. Thank God for my family.

Playing twister!

The day I left St. Lucia (The airport is literally across the street)

I think this is it for now, until the next hundred years when I post again LOL (sigh). Thanks for reading, whoever you are. Remember to love and appreciate the people in your life. ♥

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